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The Thing-Finder

This piece is about a young woman who tells a story from her childhood. I am not sure about the grammar or the use of some of the words, and I have not bothered to revise it, but since I like it, I am posting it anyway. For now, only the story is important.

“I used to find things for my father. You know, like a treasure hunter, but without a mission. He called me The Thing-Finder. I found many things for him over my childhood years and he was proud of me and always let me know how thankful he was for it. Often it was things that he’d lost somewhere, or that he’d forgotten about. Other times it was new things; things that roused his curiosity. Those times we would sit and wonder what it was for, or used to be and how we could use it for something.

Once, when we were out walking and chatting our way through the city streets on an early Sunday morning – having sneaked out before the others had awakened – he said that it would have been nice if we had some money for a cup of tea somewhere. In the middle of his sentence I had spotted something on the pavement a few feet away from us. I dived off in the direction of it, grabbed it, and came back to him, holding my hand up to him showing a £5 note. He laughed with joy, but told me that I could do anything I wanted with it; it did not have to be used for tea. We had tea. And it was a particularly excellent Sunday morning.”

My odyssey

Maybe my odyssey is not about the point of origin, but about the point of destination and the story that will unfold as I travel.

I do not know where I will end up when the road comes to an end. Maybe I will end up at home, or maybe I will end up somewhere else entirely. The important thing is how my journey will be, because that is where I will spend the most of my life.

I will never fear the end of the road, since I shall see that end whatever direction I may take; it is the road itself that I must be mindful of. The story is never about the end, it’s about the odyssey that is life – and I shall have made this a good one.