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The traveller

The Traveller

The Traveller

Woke up in a strange mood. I can’t shake the feeling that something life-changing is about to happen. Or if it’s because I’m going to Paris for a few days. Dad is going to stay here while I’m gone. Hopefully he’ll tend to my flowers, but I just watered them, so they should be fine.

I didn’t bother to buy something for breakfast, which means that I am quite hungry. I’ll pick something up on my way to my friend and the massage that I’m getting before I leave. I’m looking forward to some wine tonight. I better send my friend a message about that.

Colbie Caillat always makes me think about what never came to pass. I shouldn’t be listening to her while I’m in this mood. It just fortifies it and that’s no good. Anyway, I need to do the dishes before I go. All packed and ready otherwise. Off I go.

Losing it and getting lost

Unfortunately I’m not all that well at the moment. I sleep badly, I eat poorly, my sugar levels are almost through the roof, and I’m not going to the gym as often as I want and need to. Of course, I know that it is all connected and that all I have to do is to straighten up, but… There’s always this “but”. It’s really annoying. I am changing all that starting today. I need to be well.

I was going to start a new job today, but all the red tape is not done with yet, I’m afraid, so I stayed in bed later than usual. My memory seems to get worse as well (a side effect of high sugar levels, no doubt), because I cannot remember if I had any breakfast. Since I am not particularly hungry, I must deduce that I did have breakfast.

Paris in the 1920-30's - Photo from Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Paris by night in the 20's and 30's - Photo from Bruce Silverstein Gallery

I’ll be on my way soon, to pick up my new passport. I’m going to Paris next week and I get quite childishly joyful at the thought of it. I love Paris. I’m going to stay with my dear friend Bojan, who has invited me over for Christmas. It’s going to be great to see my friends again. Also, I’ll bring my camera and my notebook and try to get some photography and writing done while I’m there. I do not know how people celebrate Christmas in France, but it will be fantastic however they do it. Besides, it’s practically a done deal with all that marvellous Bordeaux and good food.

I’m looking forward to get lost on the streets of Paris and not know where I am at all. Something I hope will happen almost every day. To be completely lost is always the best way to get to know a city and its people. I love that.

The ceasing delightfulness of stale bread and canned beans

This is somewhat terrifying: I am in the mood for writing, but I have nothing I want to write about. I envy writers that can make anything into a story of some sort. I cannot do that. I have done it before, but it seems harder and harder to write about nothing and turn that nothing into something. I need to meet more people and see more places, that’s what I need to do.

There are some options open to me; either I go north for a while and work with the homeless or I go south to Paris and do whatever there is available to do there. The bottom line is that I have no more money at the present and no input to create anything from, so I have to do something and I have to do it quite soon as well – the experience of stale bread and canned beans is only delightful for so long. Besides, I am afraid the pile of bills in front of me will tip over and kill me if I do not find a way to pay them soon. Never trust stacked unopened envelopes on your desk – there’s something sinister and fatalistic about them.

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

I shot this in a park in Paris, France. A very large tree (don’t ask me what kind it is, I know nothing about trees) giving shade to the people below it. It really should be a very large print to be effectful. One does not really see the very tiny people underneath the tree.