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That helium feeling

I started to write on a new short story tonight. I was just about to go to bed after having seen a lovely film, when I realised that the film was telling me about my own life (or certain parts of it) and I just had to write down a few words that came into my mind. I do that a lot just in case I can use it in my writing later on. This time I wrote almost 4000 words in less than 45 minutes. My fingers actually hurt and my eyes won’t let me keep going, but it’s a good feeling, and, as a friend of mine wrote today, “[that] helium feeling that appears when [it] is written” is fantastic!


I am colour blind. My heart, like in black and white. Film flickering. Street lights, stage lights. The people, extras passing by. Through the window of a bar, a couple in love. A pretty girl everywhere. A glass of wine. Two, three. Voices from an open window on third. Slow, fast, slow, but without the music. A camera, a blurred photograph. Scribblings on the wall. No sense, nonsense. A night in black and white. A glass of black wine, like ink. It writes itself in colour as it keeps the rhythm. 120 bpm, inside. 60 outside. Putting on the mask for another 60. Faces and legs, the perfect picture. Painted over black and white.