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The dilemma of waking up early on a Saturday morning

I have a Saturday morning dilemma. I woke up earlier than I wanted, but as expected. My internal clock won’t let me sleep past 7. Should I go to the gym or read a book, I wonder? It’s between need and desire, I guess. Or (extremely) boring and fun.

I wish I found going to the gym a lot more exciting. They should serve breakfast there, or something; then, perhaps, it would be a lot more enticing. They could have the female staff walk up to whatever machine I was working and tell me how fit I have become since I started (that morning), and I how good I’m looking working out, and that if I was just 15 years younger they’d go out with me. I’d know they were lying, of course, but it’d be so much more fun going there.

Instead they have a bored looking 30 year old guy at the reception nodding at me when I come in through the door. Inside the gym there are men and women well into their 60s, pressing at least 3 times the weights that I manage. I’m not joking: on some machines I have to opt to lift only the handle, no weights attached, and I can barely manage. On my way back to the locker room I have to pass a room with guys who are pressing the weight of iron equivalent to what it takes to build a small car. The walk home is really the best thing about going to the gym.

And now I’m hungry. I cannot think of working out when I’m hungry. What was I thinking?! I’ll have breakfast. A nice cup of tea and a sandwich. And then I’m going to the gym. Maybe. Or have a nice warm bath where I’ll read about people going to the gym. Close enough.



I live in the City of Winds. This morning it’s the City of Cold Winds. No snow yet, though.

After all the work last night (went on to midnight) and after having had my morning bath to the gentle tunes of Albinoni, I feel quite pleased with myself.

Now, off to work.

Morning rituals

However early or late I awake, the day never really starts until I’m in my bath. Without it I’m stuck in limbo. Sometimes it’s like that until the next morning. It’s here I wake up, balance myself and ponder what’s to be. The point of origin, the birth of the day. I’m reborn here every day.

In the bath

Place of birth